UK eBike conversion kit firm hits £1m funding

Swytch, a London based manufacturer of eBike conversion kits has received an additional £800,000 of finance from a group of investment firms. Combined with its prior crowd-funding efforts, this brings the company’s total funding to over £1 million.

Swytch is designed to make converting a conventional bicycle to an eBike as simple as possible.

The company sells kits which make it easy to convert almost any conventional bicycle into an eBike quickly and easily. The kit consists of a replacement front wheel with integral hub motor, handlebar mounted battery pack, and pedal sensor, all designed to be fitted to a bike without any special skills or equipment.

The entry level kit costs £549, with a claimed 25 mile range, but higher capacity batteries are available as an upgrade. The company also sells a high-power version of the kit for off-road use.

Based in Hackney, the company was started by Oxford University engineering graduate, Oliver Montague, following a successful initial crowd-funding campaign, with the goal of bringing a simple eBike solution to the mass-market.