No compulsory eBike insurance in EU

Good news for eBike owners in Europe, as the EU has voted down proposals that would have seen them forced to take out third-party liability insurance policies to ride eBikes on public roads, in the same way as other motor vehicles.

The European Commission had proposed that low-powered eBikes, which currently enjoy the same legal classification as a normal bicycle, would be classified as motor vehicles. This would have burdened owners with more paperwork and expense, and significantly reduced the viability of eBikes as a cheap and convenient alternative to motor vehicles.

Fortunately, the Commission voted against the proposal and described it as a “disproportionate measure”.

UK eBike riders are currently subject to the same laws as their EU neighbours, but of course this will change if Brexit goes ahead later this year. After that the UK government might decide to impose different laws governing the use of eBikes, but it currently seems unlikely that anything will change in the near future.